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This Mother & Son Duo Just Got Busted With Over $400,000 Worth of Ecstasy Pills

Earlier this week a mother, along with her son at the Ben Gurion Airport in Isreal were caught with over 100,000 pills of ecstasy, with an estimated street value of roughly $430,000. The two were originally from the Netherlands and were caught with the drugs upon arriving to Israel from a flight out of the Netherlands. The drugs themselves weighed over a whopping 7.5 kilograms. The drugs were stashed in a fake “double wall” of their luggage, but this device was unable to keep authorities from finding what was supposed to be hidden. The back story of the two was that they were going to a “family function,” but that currently does not seem to be the case. No charges are official, but what awaits for the two seems like a hefty amount of jail time at least.

Though many people in the electronic dance music culture enjoy buying and using ecstasy as a recreational drug more often than most, it is a good thing for dance music’s culture that this arrest was made. Too often do you hear in the news of kids dying week after week at festivals and shows due overdoses. No, this arrest will not make a huge dent in the ecstasy trade worldwide, but this arrest could have quite possibly saved someones life down the line. This arrest simple goes to show the amount of work and practices authorities have to go through to be able to stop large drug trades such as these.

H/T: Mixmag

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