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Sweater Beats New Collab With Hayley Kiyoko Is Your Answer to the Summertime Blues [LISTEN]

If you are avid fans of Sweater Beats, this collaboration with Hayley Kiyoko won’t surprise you since they have been touring together and teasing the track since early June. However, one can argue that “Glory Days” might be the poppiest track yet from Sweater Beats, and all for good reasons.

With bubbly bass and catchy vocal chops from Hayley, “Glory Days” is the perfect summer sing along song. The lyric even talks about living to our glory days “It's okay to get a little irresponsible, Cause we're making up the blueprint as we go, Yeah, we're on our way to the glory days.” Cheery beats with clap tracks and relatable lyrics what else can you ask for?

Check out “Glory Days” now! As it is the fourth and last installments of Sweater Beats’s For The Cold EP.

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