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EDM.com Spotlight

ETC! ETC! Will Get You Excited About Moombahton with “Bomberos” [LISTEN]

ETC! ETC! has spent his entire career showing us his ability to produce any sub-genre of EDM. From reimaginations of Marshmello to heavy dubstep collabs with Bear Grillz, he’s done it all. Now, our favorite robot is just about ready to introduce the world to his latest endeavour: a moombahton LP.

It’s no secret that ETC! ETC! is a moombahton junkie, with tunes like his “Waist Time” remix alongside a full mix entitled Moombah Season he did with long-time friend Bro Safari. He’s built up quite the discography of moombahton, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s inside of this LP.

The first single off of his recently announced LP is entitled “bomberos”, and is a certified banger. The song comes as a collab with up-and-coming trapstar Hoodie, and is truly the refresher moombahton needed. ETC! ETC! takes his electrifying sound to new heights, pairing a catchy beat with a hypnotizing vocal sample. ETC! ETC! and Hoodie turn up the heat when the drop comes, showing both of their experience in producing trap. This tune is set to keep you dancing all festival season long.

ETC! ETC! has been relatively quiet over the last few months, releasing just a few singles and a handful of remixes for us to enjoy. Surely this means that his upcoming LP is going to be well worth the wait. Keep up with him on Twitter or Facebook, and don’t forget to check out his SoundCloud.