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EDM.com Spotlight

Artists Breaking the Performance Mold - Tipper’s Unreal Visual Experience

In past iterations of this series, we’ve identified those who perform dance music live and blow crowds away. Today, we’re going down a different road. While track selection and mixing ability are vital aspects of every performance, we sometimes forget to acknowledge how unique stage production and visual aspects can enhance a show or festival. Frequently, the visuals we see behind the artist are quickly forgotten. Being completely lost in the music, some don’t completely engage with what the artist brings to the table in terms of sight.

In most cases, this isn’t a huge deal. Most attendees are primarily there to hear and experience the music. However, some artists like to gussy up the visual aspect to their set to enhance what the audience experiences. Today we’ll be highlighting Tipper. His tunes and visual bend the audience’s minds into different dimensions and make every performance completely unique.

David Tipper hails from Wimbledon, London. Since 1997, he’s been blowing crowds away with his wildly unique production style. Like most successful producers, Tipper is proficient is producing a wide variety of music. From trip-hop to ambient sounds, he’s never failed to impress crowds. Tippers discography is massive, sporting twelve albums and thirteen EPs. Check out his track “Flunked”:

While his music is a key component to his unique performance style, his visual roller coaster is quite the ride. Tipper takes his tunes to the next level by incorporating visuals from artist Andrew Jones, also known as Android Jones. His psychedelic art has been featured alongside other artists as well, such as Beats Antique and The Glitch Mob.

However, the duo’s performance is like no other. Jones and Tipper put on a live show simultaneously; Tipper helms the decks and plays his otherworldly music while Jones bends reality with the visual display he puts on. Take a look:

Without a doubt, there’s no way to catch a show remotely similar to this. Skipping Tipper if you have the opportunity to see him is quite the mistake.

Tipper plays at a plethora of events, and is hosting his own festival for the 2017 solar eclipse. Entitled Tipper and Friends: The 4321 Event, the four day festival begins Friday, August 18th and ends Monday, August 21st. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot on his plate in the coming months. Check out his music on his SoundCloud and check out Jone’s work here.