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Turn Down in Ibiza? Big Changes May Soon Be Coming to the Notorious Clubbing Destination

If you know of the island of Ibiza, and you are currently reading articles on this website, chances are you know the island to be one of the biggest party destinations in the world. When it comes to a party, particularly an Ibiza party, the louder the music, the better the party? Well not everyone seems to feel that way and on this occasion that refers to the local officials on the island.

Recently there has been 16 Ibiza beach clubs that have been told “no music, no DJs” for the time being. The municipal town of hall of San José has order this state of sound to the clubs in question for the time being, while also giving local authorities more authority over open-air venues relatively in reach of the beach. If you are unaware, San José is a municipality on the Spanish island that is Ibiza towards the east part of the island, or as locals know it as “Sant Josep de se Talaria.” This current ban also comes after the municipality already ordered the current noise levels of the clubs to be lowered from 85db to a lower level of 65db by the beginning of next “season” in Ibiza. The request or rather demand states that all music must be cut until all proper paperwork and permits are completed by each individual club to adequately make sure these facilities are following the local laws. Though these clubs may already have permission from the central island government in general, most or none of these clubs have received proper permission from the council of San José. These laws and restrictions started to arise due to the rapid increase in beach clubs in the area. The problem the San José municipality seems to have is that this influx of clubs has disrupted the traditional style of tourism in the region.

To further add insult to injury, legislators are also aggressively looking to cap the number of rental beds in the Balaeric Island to 623,624 and plan to gradually decrease that number over the years. Although the majority of the beds are located on the island of Mallorca, legislation will also effect the number of available rentals in Ibiza as well. The rise of AirBnb has increased the number of tourists to the islands, putting a strain on the island's reputation as a "get away" destination. Now the government is putting pressure on rentals without permits, threatening up to a €400,000 fine for vacation portal applications like HomeAway and AirBnb if they fail to remove unlicensed rentals.

There is more to Ibiza than clubbing, Ibiza is also a beautiful island that is a great place to escape reality and enjoy a nice scenic vacation, and that is what local authorities fear is being compromised by this rise in the club scene. The argument made by the clubs in question has been that they are simply trying to keep up with the competition, such as the islands of Croatia or the country of Greece. If these clubs don’t keep up with demand, the whole island could suffer to a decline in tourism numbers.

This is still an ongoing affair, we will be sure to have an update as this story progresses, as much as most of us would love to see the club scene to continue to expand, it’s important to keep all the aspects of getaway on the island in place.

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