EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Take a Page from Boys Noize's Playbook With Massive "Mayday" Sample Pack

Producers of the world rejoice!

Boys Noize and Splice Sounds have joined forces to present the first-ever Boys Noize sample pack.

Featuring 150-plus sounds and samples from the most recent Boys Noize album Mayday, producers can now take a look under the hood and see how one of the best in the game does it.

“MAYDAY SOUNDS includes all the sounds I recorded for my latest album "Mayday”. These are 100% analog recorded sounds, using diverse drum machines, synthesizer & modules, processed through all types of analog effect units. For this package, I cut out every single sound used in every song and created one-shots to put in your sample library including kicks, snares, claps, percussions, synth hits, bass hits, subs, fx hits & more. This package is more dynamic than you will find in other sample-packages, and provides more headroom to put on your own touch with your own effect processing. Enjoy!” - Boys Noize

The German-born producer and one-half of supergroup Dog Blood (along with Skrillex) has earned his wings in the last decade dropping four studio albums and rocking countless stages the world over.

The “Sounds of Mayday” pack is presented by Splice, a cloud-based producer platform that houses over 1 million sounds, plug-ins, and presets.