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EDM.com Spotlight

IK Multimedia Dares to Create a “One Stop Shop” Controller

It’s the persistent question that every producer gets asked (aside from wanting to collab). It’s a question that has a variety of answers and is totally subjective. That question is, “What gear do you use?”. In today’s world of music production, everybody wants to know what their favorite producer uses.

It could be a plugin, midi controller or even a piece of analog gear. Every producer is looking for that new tool to add to their collection. Some people prefer to use one controller while others like to have an entire studio full of equipment. Regardless of your preference, IK Multimedia recently teased a new controller that could be the compromise for producers everywhere.

In a teaser video below, we see a controller that has at least 16 RGB pads, faders, knobs and a handful of I/O options on the side. Have we seen controllers offering similar features before? Yes, but according to IK Multimedia, this controller is one of a kind. The company is proclaiming this new controller as a “all in one” solution for production purposes and will redefine the term “plug and play” for controllers on the market.

Will this controller become a premiere production tool or another controller lost in the crowded market? Time will tell but according to IK Multimedia’s website, an announcement related to the controller will be made on August 24th. My fellow producers, are you anxious to see what IK Multimedia’s new controller or do you think this is another controller that will fail to live up to expectations?

H/T: DJ Mag