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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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Gabe Rodriguez

Experiment With This Victor NV-1 Synthesizer Right From Your Browser

Web-based synthesizers. Just in case you were wondering if softsynths could get any “softer,” there has been a slew of online synths and drum machines that have become readily available to many just from inside their internet browser.

Recently, the very powerful Victor NV-1 was released and it boasts many exquisite features that some may be surprised to find in an online synth. Loaded with three oscillators with six available waveforms, a mixer, a noise oscillator, an ADSR envelope, a low pass filter, an LFO, and even some built-in effects such as compression, delay, and reverb, it’s kind of a shock that all of this can be loaded into your window while you do other things. However, the actual quality of the synth compared to other softsynths, or even hardware synths, has yet to be really calculated. Nevertheless, it is something to just have fun with and there are few things that are as entertaining as playing around with sound design, especially while checking some tweets.

Be sure to check out the synthesizer here and check out the open source documentation here if that’s something you would be interested in. Get jamming!

Gabe Rodriguez Contributing Writer

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