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EDM.com Spotlight

Media Influencers Would Voluntarily Leave Snapchat, New Survey Finds

In a recent survey conducted by Adweek, 70% of media influencers that were interviewed stated that they would voluntarily leave Snapchat if they had to pause one form of social media. Subsequently, 46% said they’d cut the service altogether. This comes as no surprise, with downloads of the app decreasing by 22% in April and May.

The survey interviewed roughly 600 media influencers, and only 30% of them use Snapchat. Following that tidbit, the survey also found that 80% of media influencers use Instagram stories.

Media influencers also stated that blogs were the highest source of their income, followed by Instagram at 50%, Facebook at 43%, and Snapchat with a measly 2%. Adding to that, 28% of media influencers stated that Instagram is the most important platform for their brand, followed by Pinterest at 26%, blogging at 24%, and Facebook at 14%. Snapchat, however, had zero mentions.

While the company may not be at its wits end, it sure is taking a tumble in the second half of 2017. With any luck, they’ll land right back on their feet here soon.

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H/T: Digital Music News