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Elrow Denies Allegations of Fan Exposure to Tear Gas-Like Substance at London Event

Crowds of fans were allegedly affected this past Saturday evening by what is thought to be tear gas at elrow Festival, which occurred at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. The substance, reportedly sprayed at the crowd between 8 and 9 p.m. during Jamie Jones’ DJ set left the audience in panic, many of it's members coughing and unable to breathe.

Security guards quickly arrived to the scene but were unable to identify the cause of the issue. Those who were in the crowd during the performance believed to have been either tear gas or pepper spray, which has a toxic taste when inhaled and an eye-watering and choking effect on people.

The question that has yet to be answered seems to be on everyone's mind; did an irritant in fact enter the premises, and how would it have done so? Elrow has unfortunately suffered several tragedies this year. Just one month ago, a 19-year-old British student died at elrow Barcelona festival, while this past January, 5 individuals were killed in a cartel shooting at an elrow event at Blue Parrot on the closing night of The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The successful Spanish-based party brand is known for it's wild themed nights full with excessive decoration, confetti cannons, and character actors.

Below if a video published to elrow's Instagram:

Elrow reached out to Dancing Astronaut and delivered an official statement on the incident:

“In response to comments on social media from members of the public who attended the elrow Town London event this weekend that ‘tear gas’ was disseminated during one of the shows, we want to reassure people that this was not the case and have been provided with statements from key officials including the Metropolitan Police Service stating ‘there was no belief that any noxious substance had been discharged.’ Security Operations Managers have also confirmed “no evidence of criminal or any anti-social activity”.

The onsite Medical Manager has reported that “no-one presented themselves to the medical team having suffered the effects of tear gas or any similar substances(s).”
And a statement from the Incident Response Manager confirmed that “After a full investigation and thorough liaison with all partner agencies and organisations, I was unable to find any indication or information that could be gained to support the suggestion that any irritant had been released. Elrow was a safe and successful event where over 25,000 people enjoyed the spectacular over the weekend”

Investigations are ongoing as to what may have caused the the irritant effects reportedly experienced by a few customers, however these effects are not inline with symptoms caused by tear gas. Elrow organisers are available for any further comment or information for this wishing to understand more.”

We hope that events like this won't take place in the future and hope to remind people that by pulling off stunts like this, not only do you ruin the nights of others who have nothing but good intentions in attending the show, but also endanger the lives of those who get caught up in the chaos that is casted upon the crowd when a terrifying event such as this is inflicted upon them.

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