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EDM.com Spotlight

Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Seized By German Authorities

What might make the party goer’s experience better in Germany? Well it just might be crunching on some orange Trump-shaped ecstasy pills that have been going around Europe since July. However, there has been a bust recently, that will truly put a damper on the circulation of the latest Trump-branded “success.”

The day was Saturday, August 19th. Police in Osnabrück, Germany, were conducting a simple road check when they ran into a van that had been registered in Austria and was being driven by a 51-year-old man, accompanied by his 17-year-old son. The police would soon find an unsavory amount (5,000 to be exact) of Trump-stamped MDMA in the back of the van. Both men were soon arrested. The seized pills supposedly originated from the Netherlands and were valued at €39,000 or $46,000.

Besides the widespread use of the Trump-head drug in Europe, these pills have also been popping up on the dark web with the ever-clever catch phrase, “Trump makes partying great again.”

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