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EDM.com Spotlight

Arman Cekin Returns With His Latest Vibey Hit "Surrender" [LISTEN]

Though you might not know his name, one thing is for sure; you have heard his music. Arman Cekin emerged in 2015; and in the span of only two years, has gathered tens of millions of plays across media platforms and collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, Far East Movement and T-Mass.

The Dutch producer's unique approach to songwriting is what makes his every track interesting, as he gives the most emphasis on good melodies, sound selection, and vibes. Rather than producing something really over-complicated and unapproachable, Arman Cekin keeps his arrangements simple and is able to give birth to one viral hit after another.

His latest self-released track "Surrender" is no exception. It starts with light production; an electric guitar, and hints of a piano in the background, while Josh Rubin's vocals are in the forefront, giving a perfect feeling of warmth to the track. The drop follows the same mood; a catchy melody, subtle percussive elements, and a general dreamy atmosphere.

"Surrender" is another perfect example of what Arman Cekin can do best: continuously craft radio-ready hits by bridging electronic production with poppy vocals, ending up with a result that is as eclectic as it is approachable by all kinds of music lovers.

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