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New York City Passes Bill To Create an Official Nightlife Department

If you live in a largely populated city, or anywhere near one, then you know how it can come alive when the sun sets. Muffled club music radiates from various street corners, bars overflow with what seems like an ocean of people, and traffic becomes one hell of a nightmare.

One city in particular has taken notice of this ever expanding nightlife and has taken some steps to ensure that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. New York City has already voted on and passed a bill designed to not only stabilize and increase the nightlife community, but to maintain it and act as a bridge between the city itself and entertainers. A few of the bills goals include “Conducting outreach to establishments, assisting in the resolution of enforcement actions, receiving complaints and compiling recommendations, supporting workforce conditions and liaising between communities and venues.”

The bill, which was sponsored by council member Rafael Espinal, also implemented a 12 member council that will be headed by a Nightlife Director. The bill was created to mirror other bills already in place in London and Amsterdam and will work to continue increasing and stabilizing New York’s nightlife economy. So if you live in the New York area, be prepared to see a change in the night time scene which will hopefully attract many new talented entertainers to your area.

H/T:Resident Advisor