EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Choice Is Making All the Right (Choice)s With His New Autograf Remix “You Might Be” [LISTEN]

Emerging from Santa Barbara CA, Choice is introducing us to a new realm of sounds. He melts his eclectic music taste together and creates a refreshing futuristic appeal. Choice has had releases through Majestic Casual, Trap Nation and yours truly, EDM.com – racking up plays to the hundred thousands! Earlier this year, the up and coming DJ/producer released a future bass revamp of Zhu’s Nightcrawler and its groove undeniably attracted many!

Last week, Choice continued to level up in the music world - releasing his biggest remix yet! With Autograf’s track “You Might Be” - Choice has reconstructed the vibe and created a whole new atmosphere. Choice shared with us the inspiration behind the remix and style:

“I like to dissect trendy genres, those classic sounds, and, always, powerful lyrics, then create something that sounds familiar yet original at the same time. Usually it’s a foggy, yet intuitive idea at first, an inspiring echo calling out in the distance, and it’ll take a few attempts to get to it. But when that eureka moment hits, it’s undeniable. Autograf and Lils really tapped into an emotion, so the inspiration was instant and organic. I just wanted to display their original message in a way that tears you between crying and dancing, between melancholy and bravado.”

With that being said, make sure to give him listen and vibe out - this remix makes an impact without a doubt! Stalk his SoundCloud because he’s one newcomer you don’t want to overlook!