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Fedde Le Grand & Dannic Sample Iconic Vocal from CoCo Star! [LISTEN]

Fedde Le Grand & Dannic got the chance to work with an iconic vocal sample for their latest track "CoCo's Miracle". You may recognize the sample used in the track, which is "I Need a Miracle" by CoCo Star. If you're too young to remember the 1996 classic like I totally am, then check it out below and you may recognize the chorus at least.

What's crazy is that the original writer CoCo Star lost the rights to her own song for 12 years. The landscape of music was a much different place and an imposter had actually gotten away with stealing credit for the song as well as the revenue via royalties. It's a story of a long legal battle for an artist who deserved credit. It wasn't until 2015 the perpetrator was caught and brought to justice. You can read the full story here and it is a crazy one for sure! As far as this track title goes, it's a bit of respect thrown Coco's way by not only getting the credit she deserves, but by keeping the iconic sample alive. She needed a miracle and through a slip up she received the justice she needed. It's also hard to create something that stays catchy through the years, but Coco star and "I Need A Miracle" are still relevant today. When asked about the track Fedde replied

"It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to rework this iconic vocal, giving Coco the credits she deserves. I’ve always loved the vocal and I’m so happy with the versions Daan and I’ve been able to create. It’s a smash on the floor and I love the Club Mix as the Original alike, there’s really something for everyone".

Check out the track "Coco's Miracle" by Fedde Le Grand & Dannic below!