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EDM.com Spotlight

MDMA is Now Being Studied for Relationship Therapy

Is MDMA the key to fixing a relationship that’s falling apart at the seams?

Dr. Brian Earp of Yale University recently published a research paper highlighting the use of MDMA in couples therapy in the 1980’s. The original trials were conducted by George Greer and Requa Tolbert in a study titled Psychedelic Moral Enhancements, which you can read here. Earp found that 90 percent of Greer and Tolbert’s patients began to feel more love towards their partner after their therapy sessions.

After being asked by Metro if MDMA directly helps repair the relationship, Earp stated, "it removes our self defense mechanisms. It removes this and frees the mind. It helps to explore territories of our own mind. The evidence is abundantly there."

While there are no current clinical trials planned, it’s clear that there could be in the near future. After all, this past July doctors got the greenlight to use MDMA as a means to cure alcohol addiction. On a positive note as well, the United States Food and Drug Administration also announced phase II of trails to treat patients with PTSD.

H/T: Mixmag