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Boiler Room Issues Apology Amid Glasgow's New Wave Documentary Controversy

Navigating the world of social identity politics and intersectionality can be a precarious journey, particularly for a well known media brand.

Boiler Room, known for live streaming its exclusive parties featuring some of the world's most sought after talent, recently found itself in a bit of controversy following the release of its Glasgow's New Wave documentary.

The documentary, which had originally featured commentary from Glaswegian DJ and promoter Sarra Wild discussing the often times hostile (and white) boys club of the Scottish dance scene, had been cut without explanation.

Sarra Wild confronted Boiler Room about the removal of her comments, saying that the lack of commentary on the issue further silences the voice of WOC and reinforces the white-patriarchal narrative.

In response, Boiler Room has issued a statement explaining the situation, saying that the decision making process to remove such comments was not out of a desire to silent voices from women of color, but was made at the behest of other individuals featured in the documentary that did not want to be associated with such commentary. Instead of scrapping the documentary entirely for lack of consent by those interviewed, Boiler Room had decided to cut the original dialogue that would reposition the documentary in a way that would be less harmful to the opinions of other individuals featured.

Was Boiler Room in the wrong, or was this an unconscious decision that had the opposite of the intended effect?

Decide for yourself by reading the full statement below: