EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Why Palms Springs' Splash House is the Hot Place to Cool Down

Fasten your floatie, put your party suit on and dive into a pool of heaven. In the heart of Palm Springs, Splash House is desert bliss - embodying a retro modern vibe that is contagious. You enter a festival immersed with likeminded people and every floatation device your heart desires. Check out why Splash House is your home away from home.

Laidback Venue

This unique festival integrates your stay with the party. You can book a room at any of the 3 hotels and still wake up in music festival paradise. What a dream! You can take a break from the pool and go back to your room without an issue.

Shuttles Take You To and Fro

Your dream transportation is here. Bounce around hotels in air-conditioned shuttles all day. An Uber or Lyft will be the last thing on your mind while you party-hop between hotels only a few miles away. Every shuttle is a mobile bash – reassuring your experience will never be a dull moment.

Tricked Out Rooms and Balconies

While rooming at the festival is already fun enough, Splash House has cultivated its own contest. They created a “bitchin balcony” competition – challenging festival attendees to decorate their balconies in the most unique and creative way possible. Winners get a lifetime of splash house tickets and a merchandise pack. Lit right?

Air Museum After Hours

The party never stops. After the day drinking and pool swimming ends, the air museum opens at night – keeping you dancing all night long. Surrounded by vintage airplanes, the air museum welcomes you to the festival Friday night and becomes your go-to after party retreat Saturday and Sunday.

Try something new and check out this one of a kind festival. If you miss out on the party this weekend, set your sights next June or August for the music festival euphoria. Only the littest festivals are bi annual.