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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo & Calvin Harris Debut Video Series Titled “What Would Diplo Do?”

Just last Thursday, Viceland released the first episode in the new series “What Would Diplo Do?” James Van Der Beek is one of the executive producers of the new show, which includes actor look-alikes of both Diplo and Calvin Harris. This series essentially makes fun of the crazy culture DJ’s live in every day. Guest DJ’s such as Dillon Francis (aka “Jasper”) will also make appearances throughout the series.

James, who also plays Diplo, and Tom Stourton, who plays Calvin Harris, depict how DJ’s deal with “beef” in the first episode. Of course, this comedic series starts out with a twitter feud between the two when Diplo claims Harris was being lazy when creating his newly released track. This ends up continuing when the two run into each other backstage at a festival that night. Diplo also ends up taking a kid who he thought was part of the Little Wishers Foundation with him on an insane trip, only to find out that (no surprise) he had the wrong kid.

To see what else happens in the first episode, check it out in full below and be sure to watch the next episodes on Viceland on Thursdays.

H/T: Billboard

Image Credit: Shane McCauley/Viceland