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Vindata Release New Single, “Favor” Feat. Skrillex & NSTASIA [LISTEN]

Los Angeles based duo, Vindata, has come out with their newest r&b/hip-hop/dance-y track titled, “Favor.” Featuring OWSLA label head, Skrillex, as well as new and upcoming singer, NSTASIA (who has written for artists such as Beyonce, Pharrell, Usher, and LL Cool J), Vindata (according to their OWSLA bio) are “...on a mission to expand how we define dance music.” “Favor” could surely become their mission statement.

Vindata consists of producers Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress, who made quite an impression in the underground community before being signed to OWSLA and can even say that on their 3rd show ever they opened for Skrillex to a crowd of 10,000. That is quite an impression to make.

Be sure to check out this duo’s newest single, “Favor,” below and keep an eye on Vindata as their career evolves and hopefully takes us to new and unexpected places.

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