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EDM.com Spotlight

Pioneer Debuts New Durable Line of Headphones For Those Of Us Who Can't Have Nice Things

What is the touring DJ’s best friend? A good quality pair of over-ear headphones that have a wide dynamic range. Well, Pioneer will be offering their new product line, the HDJ-X series, that will absolutely without a doubt surpass expectations, like most Pioneer DJ equipment. While we haven’t tested these products personally, the specifications are an attention grabber and Pioneer has even sprinkled some, “the first headphones ever to _____,” in there that will surely catch your attention.

Starting off, this new product line is going to consist of three models ranging from $99 up to $349. The HDJ-X5 is the cheapest with the mid-range model, the HDJ-X7, selling at $199, and last but definitely not least, the HDJ-X10, at $349. All three models will be over-ear and they will also feature a 90-degree swivel mechanism. However, among these three products, the HDJ-X10 sports the most capabilities.

Here comes the world’s first(s)! According to internal investigations from Pioneer, the HDJ-X10 is introducing an impressive dynamic range never before seen in the DJ headphone market (or the world) of… Wait for it… 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz. 5 Hz! 40,000 Hz! All of this is possible because of the built-in HD drivers that the X10 will be packing. These are impressive numbers that will make DJs all around the world lust after them. Another world first, the X10s will have water-repellent nano coating that will make sweat and dirt a thing of the past for your headphones but will also just let your headphones last longer, with the occasional cleaning of course.

Pioneer is certainly raising market standards with the HDJ-X headphone series and if you happen to get ahold of a pair of these at launch, be sure to let us know your experience with them. Also, if you want to find out more about these headphones, be sure to click here!

The HDJ-X series launches early October 2017.

You can watch a video for the headphones below.