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EDM.com Spotlight

Illenium Drops New Single "Leaving" A Week Before the Big Album Reveal [LISTEN]

Nobody has been better at creating melodic and powerful tunes recently than Illenium. In a short amount of time, the Denver based producer has built a following that includes over 5 million monthly spotify streams and nearly a half million followers on social media. With his highly anticipated album “Awake” set to be released next week, Illenium has surprised us with a new single to tease the album. The single, titled “Leaving”, is a powerhouse track accompanied by Eden and his blistering voice.

One thing that stands out with Illenium is his use of acoustic instruments in his tracks and the piano parts used in “Leaving” set a beautiful foundation that builds as the song progresses. None of the sounds feel forced throughout the song and it all flows so well with Eden’s vocals. Another thing Illenium has become notorious for is his depth and feel in the drops that he creates. The drop in “Leaving” is no different. The drop is a burst of energy with a no conflicting parts. It has a natural flow that leads us back into the verse with no sudden drop in energy.

To sum it up, this track is a such a great blend of natural sounds with the hallmarks that make traditional dance music great. I have a feeling that this song will be in heavy rotation for people all over the world and if you have a friend or family member looking to get into dance music, a track like “Leaving” could be the right choice to have them listen to. If you haven’t listened to “Leaving”, a link to the song can be found below. Illenium’s new album, “Awake”, will be released on September 21st. What do you guys think? Is “Leaving” one of your favorite tracks from Illenium?

H/T: EDMSauce