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EDM.com Spotlight

Kick off the Weekend With Fresh Tunes to Get the Party Started!

We're mid way through September and there already has been so many really dope releases from many artists. From originals to remix packages to a really big label starting its own sub label, September has witnessed it all. Now these are some of the best tracks that were released recently within past 7-10 days that totally deserve a shout out. So, in no particular order, let’s start the list!

IVORY – No Regrets

IVORY is an up and comer but don’t sleep on him. He has quickly made a name for himself in the bass music scene and with having tonnes of quality releases on some of the biggest labels in the genre, he sure has a bright future ahead. His latest release No Regrets is his debut release on Never Say Die: Black Label. The whole track is focused on IVORY’s crazy sound sound design that includes all those high pitched FM basses and hard punchy drums. He also has a new track with Virus Syndicate coming out on Disciple Round Table soon so that’s something to look forward from him. Listen to No Regrets below:

Tim Schaufert – Falling Apart ft. Dianna

This is a really chill track that is guaranteed to give you the feels. Production, vocals, arrangement and almost everything about this tracks is flawless. Dianna’s vocals has a really soft and dreamy vibe to it. The drop has that really ambient vibe and the combination of soft pads, piano, gliding filtered saw bass and minimal yet groovy drums works wonders with each other and is surely gonna keep the listener wanting more. The track is released on our very own Chinchilla (AIA) and you can listen to the track below:

12th Planet, Barely Alive, Phase One - Send It

You know when names like these are associated with a song, it has to be a banger. Disciple has been in the news a lot recently, with 12th Planet joining the Disciple fam to Disciple launching a riddim sub label named Disciple Round Table. This is a really crazy track with with all the main FM basses having so many different timbres that is for sure gonna keep the listener interested. Not only the drop, but breakdown is also really good and forward thinking. Listen to this crazy wild riddim tune:

2ToneDisco & Hikeii - Baby Be More

2ToneDisco is an upcoming duo and has been banging out some really different kind of stuff recently. One thing that these guys make sure is that the creative space is used as uniquely as possible. Their last track “Hold Me” was a perfect example that showcased the duo’s vision. Now they are back with yet another track named Baby Be More with Hikeii. All you Jersey Club fans are for sure gonna love this really catchy tune. Listen to the track below:

Excision - Death Wish ft. Sam King (Megalodon Remix)

This super hard tune is part of Excision’s album’s Virus remix package. We fell that this is one of the most fire remix package in ages. Megalodon did an impeccable job with his remix. With having different types of basses that makes up the tune, his sound design and production does full justice to the original track. With having remixes from Getter & Virtual Riot, Dillon Francis, AFK, Krimer and many more, the remix package sure looks promising. Check out the whole remix package here. Listen to Megalodon’s remix below:

Grey - Crime ft. Skott

Each and every one of Grey’s track has that really emotional yet happy vibe. The duo always does justice to any track they’re working on. The track features vocals from Sweden based singer Skott, and boy is she good! This future bass kinda track is guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Listen to the tune below:

Topi - Got To Be

Topi has been banigng out insanely good new stuff recently. With his new remix for Getter's Inhalant Abuse released on Shred Collective already doing so good, he’s back with yet another track named Got To Be which is now out on Monstercat. This Drums & Bass tune goes hard and with all the really clean neuro basses and punchy drums, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Topi, hands down is one of the best when it comes to engineering a track sonically. Listen to the tune below:

OmegaMode - Riddim Bomb

This track was released yesterday and we are pretty sure this will meet all your bass needs. You just can’t go wrong with OmegaMode. The Seattle based producer is always putting out some of the most forward thinking Dubstep tunes. This self released tune is available for free download here, so get your heads banging and don’t forget to cop the free copy. Listen to the track below:

Tisoki - New Wave

Having releases on some of the biggest labels including Disciple, Never Say Die, Buygore and many more, Tisoki needs to introduction. He recently released his long awaited Time Travel EP and also 2 big remixes for Bro Safari and GRiZ. And now, the Norwich based artist is back with yet another single called New Wave. Tisoki’s production have always been top notch and if you follow him you know he’s always teasing his fans with new stuff. With the track having a really calm start and floor shaking drop, every bass lover should go give this tune a listen: