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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch the Complete "What Would Diplo Do" Series for Free on Viceland

The life of iconic dance music superstar Diplo is so legendary, Viceland created a fictional show about his life. Staring James Van Der Beek, What Would Diplo Do gives us a first hand look at what goes on in the crazy life of one of dance music's finest. Check out the official trailer below!

Now I realize most of our readers can barely afford their bar tabs let alone cable. If that applies to you, I have good news! The fictional Diplo (James Van Der Beek) is making the entire series free to watch for a little while! You can now enjoy watching the crazy and hopefully-fictional life of Diplo without having to skip out on that 10th rum and coke. It's not clear how long the show will stay free, so don't miss out!

Check out the full season courtesy of Viceland below!

What Would Diplo Do Official Site

Photo Credit: Shane McCauley of Viceland