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Flying Lotus Will Score New Blade Runner 2022 Animated Short

Some producers are known for creating chart topping singles. Others have a knack for creating classic remixes. For Flying Lotus, it’s about creating another world with every track. In a world full of top 40 hits and celebrity collaborations, Flying Lotus has blazed his own path as an artist. Between his jazz influenced soundscapes to mind bending live productions, the eccentric producer will never be confused with another act. One thing that Flying Lotus has become known for is his work in other forms of media.

After years of producing his music for TV shows, movies and commercials, Flying Lotus wrote, directed and produced the soundtrack to his own movie, Kuso. Since the release of Kuso, the LA based producer has announced that he will be working with well known anime director Shinichirō Watanabe on the director’s newest project. That project will be an animated prequel to Blade Runner 2049, titled Blade Runner 2022. In a recent tweet, Flying Lotus shares how excited he is to work on Blade Runner 2022 and his appreciation for using his music on their initial cut of the film.

Flying Lotus is not only producer to contribute to the film’s soundtrack. Kuedo and Miguel Atwood Ferguson will also lend their talents to the project. Blade Runner 2049 will be in theaters on October 6th but the animated prequel has yet to be given a release date. Regardless of when it comes out, fans can expect a top notch score from Flying Lotus and Co. Considering the material and collaborators involved, I expect this project to be fantastic.

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