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EDM.com Spotlight

Buckle Up! Kygo Released an Unlikely Remix of U2's "You're the Best Thing About Me"

OK, this is the one we couldn’t see coming.

Norwegian star DJ and producer Kygo has just released a new song, a collaboration with none other than U2!

The new song, actually remix of U2’s song "You're The Best Thing About Me" is quite a different from Kygo’s typical sound, and yet far away from the classic U2 rock. The remix recalls best of both worlds - big melodies, huge vocals, Edge's signature riff with a touch of radio pop. This new take on ‘You're The Best Thing About Me’ is ready to ride the airwaves, and that is just where we expect it.

In a video bellow, you can hear the song, as well as interview with Kygo, and members of U2. It’s yet to see how will both - Kygo, and U2 fans react to this. Until then - don’t forget to tell us what do you think about this collab!

Cover image courtesy of We Rave You