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EDM.com Spotlight

Jas Davis Releases Incredible New Video Featuring Music By Skrillex

If you follow Skrillex we are pretty sure you know who Jas Davis is. He’s the man behind all the dope shots that the OWSLA boss posts. It would be so wrong if you don’t take time out to appreciate the art that comes out from Jas. He’s one of the many people who are always on top of the photography and visual arts game. It was his birthday a few days ago and he ended up sharing a trippy yet incredible piece of work with background music by none other than his good friend and the legend “Skrillex” himself. Check out his post below:

If you don’t already know, Jas is the one who did the video for Skrillex’s track Would You Ever" with Poo Bear and also is the one behind the Mothership tour recap video in 2014. Now the new video shared by him is nothing but an exceptional work of art. The video which is titled as FRIENDLY FIRE features many of Jas’s friends and various abstract shots. The track that Skrillex made for the video is all gold too. This is a really crazy beat that for sure is gonna make you feel way too hyped. Watch the gift that Jas gave to the world on his own birthday:

If you have a minute, go follow Jas on his socials to stay updated with his work.