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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd & Liam Payne 'Get Low' on the Streets of London [WATCH]

It’s a typical week day. You’re on your commute to work. Maybe you’re running some errands.  During your mundane daily routine, the last thing you would expect is to run into two superstars performing their recent collaboration.  For some people in London, UK, that was exactly what they ran into when they were out on the town.  

After their highly anticipated collaboration, "Get Low" was released, Zedd and Liam Payne decided to take the streets of London to film the music video for the song.  Armed with a keyboard and a microphone, the duo wander about the English streets, engaging with fans everywhere they go. I can imagine this was a dream come true for some diehard fans of Zedd or Liam that happened to see them during this video shoot.  It’s not every day you see artists of their caliber doing something like a music video in public.

Should we expect more collaborations in the future between Zedd and Liam Payne? Judging by the fan reaction, perhaps a few team ups in the future could be in the cards.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut