EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

HARDWELL & KSHMR join forces to make a ‘POWER’ house Dance mix!

Two of the most influential and well known DJs in EDM history are coming together to produce a dance track for our generation.  This mix and mash up is like Elon Musk getting together with Steve Jobs on an idea to create a new phone, it’s that big!

HARDWELL has been known to be one of the most influential, experienced, and recognized producers in EDM history.  Hardwell has topped the World’s #1 DJ in DJ Mags Top 100 polls not once but twice, which a huge feat amongst producers because it's based off the poles of the populace and not from the professionals themselves.  Seasoned resident at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas, HARDWELL is a pioneer to how we hear our music today and is no stranger to the acknowledgment of being a Top DJ in the world.

KSHMR has now become a household name in EDM music by pure will and determination.  Last yearm KSHMR was awarded the prestigious Best New Live Act on DJ Mag’s ranking and has now climbed to his #12 spot in DJ Mags Top 100 polls.  Its KSHMR’s sound and melodies that define who he is as a producer, incorporating his stylistic melodies that correlate with the culture he grew up from.

HARDWELL & KSHMR’s new single “Power” can be heard all over the world now and is available to listen to through Spotify or Youtube. “Power” showcases the genius of HARDWELL & KSHMR by incorporating their respective traditional sounds with new ones, and meshing it together to create an energetic collage of vibrant and aggressive colors.  KSHMR & HARDWELL both have their own style and melodies that they use that can distinctly be heard in “Power”... uniqueness