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EDM.com Spotlight

Who Is Malaa #18 is Here to Make You Move [LISTEN]

In my town we don't really have proper night clubs. We have a couple bars that put a bit more of their budget towards some more atmospheric lighting and the “club vibe” but it tends to attract the worst kind of people.

However, there is ONE NIGHT a year (seriously only one) where the most notorious of said bars becomes a magical world filled with all people from all walks of life who all came to do one thing and one thing only, dance. And a night like that is where everyone's favorite masked man (in house music at least) Malaa’s new mixtape feels right at home.

The reason I make this comparison is because the vibe is uncanny. This once-a-night party is my town is organized by burners, aka life long burning man devotees, and if you've never been to Burning Man (like me) there's still something about these people when they have an event. These guys are like the essence of PLUR. The walls are sweating, there's neon colors everywhere, dancers are hanging from ribbons on the ceiling, the dance floor is no longer contained; instead the entire club becomes a single organism fueled by a shared love of music whose pulse is one with the beat.

If you ask me, house music has always sounded better in a mix instead of a singular track and Malaa does a good job of reminding me why. Featuring tracks by Riva Starr, Skitzofrenix and a LOT of IDs yet to be identified, this mix has that ultimate dance vibe that just makes you want to move endlessly and really what more could you ask for in a house mix?

Listen to the full mix below and click here