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EDM.com Spotlight

Montreal's Mutek Festival May Soon Be Making its First US Debut

Montreal’s MUTEK has already expanded its immersive music and visual event to destinations across the globe including Mexico City, Dubai, Barcelona, Buenos Aires to Tokyo.  But in the festival's last 18 years, it has never made an appearance in the United States, but this may change. Graffiti tags of MUTEK SF have been surfacing in San Francisco and one may theorize that the institution is finally coming to the United States.

Anyone else see these Mutek SF things around the city...?

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Although details have not been confirmed, Montreal’s electronic music festival has built a stunning reputation for itself and would be a welcome addition to the tech capital. On top of highlighting unusual experimental live performances, MUTEK also runs a series of conferences, workshops and exhibitions around the city for a week long. The festival has taken place since the 2000 and since then have been showcasing upcoming and renowned talent while providing a discovery outlet for audiences.  

MUTEK returns to Mexico City for its 14th edition from October 11th to 15th. Plan your trip and learn more on http://mutek.mx/en/

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Cover photo courtesy of Bruno Destombes