EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Too Lit to Quit: Real Talk About the Party Habits We Wish We Could Break

You got the whole weekend off because Whoop Whoop! it's a Red Rocks weekend! Tickets are in hand or "a very safe place", your rave hair is on point, rides (and party favors) secured, the fam is gathering and shots are poured. We bout to get L!*#$@?&(:¥%~}>"/-------




What happened? 
Is it over? 

It can't be over.
We just got here!

Sound familiar? Yeah I’ve been there too. That one time (or handful of times) we went a few levels past L🔥 to XXL🔥. 

This happened to me recently at GRiZ Rocks. It was a perfect weekend in every way and by far the best performance and production I've ever seen from GRiZ - so good that as soon as it was over I found myself wishing I could get a do-over. Partly because it was that incredible and partly because a lot of the show was a blur for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's watched friends' videos and been like "Damn that's so awesome, I wish I could remember it!" 

One time I legit heard a girl in the parking lot after an Odesza show say to her boyfriend, who was guiding her into the backseat of the car, "I wish I'd seen Odesza!" Unfortunately, she wasn’t joking.

Great experiences are meant to be remembered. FOMO is understandable when we miss something wonderful, but having FOMO after an event we participated in is a bummer and unnecessary. If we can be real with ourselves about the habits we want to make and break, we can find that sweet spot of party perfection where we're Feelin Fine.

So what’s the key to getting the most out of our party time? I don’t know for sure, I’m still figuring this out :) But I do think keeping a few things in mind can help us find that sweet spot.

Notice there’s something we want to change

You can't change behavior you're not aware of so paying attention to your body and experiences is the first step. No one else is going to do it for you.

Know our limits

The difference between going ham and going so ham you can't find the door is knowing yourself. Sometimes it's fun to push our limits, but if crossing them usually ends up with us wishing we hadn't then what's really the point of this HAM AF state?

Respect Yo’self!

Partying is a privilege, our bodies are irreplaceable gifts, just like our minds and memories. The better we care for them the more we can enjoy with them. If there’s a habit we think we need to change, let’s respect our intuition enough to listen to it.

I asked some of the EDM.com staff to share their hard-earned party wisdom, here’s a few of their tips:

“You’re not a wet blanket if you say no. Likewise, don’t peer pressure other people to get on your level. We all enjoy parties in different ways.” - Devin

“If you don’t know your limit, micro-dose. You can always take more but you sure as hell can’t take less!.”
- Stephanie

“One thing I’ve learned is to always wear ear plugs. I got tinnitus once and it was NOT fun. Never gone to a show without ear plugs since. You can still hear everything fine, you’re just saving your future hearing. These are the best ear protection I’ve found and they’re really cheap.”-Saad & Lennon

Unless we want to be the generation that needs hearing aids before 50, we’d better start protecting our eardrums (one of the most intricate and delicate organs in our whole body) from the 20+KHz of beautiful sound we surround ourselves with.

All I’m saying is let’s get our party on, but let’s do it in a conscious way so that our sober self can chose which stories will never be told instead of our checked out brain deciding for us. Do you guys have any advice or stories about breaking unwanted party habits? We’d love to hear them!