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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out Mat Zo’s Recent Production AMA on Twitter

It has been a big year for Matan Zohar aka Mat Zo. With one of his biggest remix of Noisia’s track Mantra that came out 5 months ago to his favorite new artist releasing a remix of his track Part 1 with Kill The Noise on Mat Zoo (Mat Zo’s Label), we can say it has been an interesting year for him so far! And obviously like he says, he has just enough bookings to keep him moving and enough time to make music, that he loves the most. 

Now a few days ago he was idle at the airport and thought the best use of this free time would be to bless up and coming producers with some production tips. If you haven’t already checked this out, you definitely will learn loads of new stuff from this AMA as Mat Zo is hands down one of the best producer in the game. Read all the answered questions by Mat Zo below:

Talking about his worst track ever:

On how he makes his samples:

Talking about an underrated production technique according to him:

Pointing out when sub/low end content doesn't fit well in your mix:

On how he got the sound he had in mind when he was starting out:

Talking about giving every element its space to breathe in the mix

On how to get that beefy and full sub bass:

Talking about what he has on his Master when writing a track:

Sharing the recent producer that makes his jaw drop:

If you study everything he answered, you'll probably end up with so much complex knowledge than what you currently have in music production and technical side of music. These were some of the questions that he answered and you can check the full AMA on his Twitter. We hope you learned something new with this. Happy messing around with you music!