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EDM.com Spotlight

Under the Radar: TYNAN Reimagines Festival Bass For the Next Generation

Welcome back to Under the Radar, where we showcase artists who are destined to reach the top. Today, we’re focusing on an up and coming bass talent known as TYNAN. Originally stylized as TYNVN, the up and coming legend hails from Oklahoma. Motivated by those around him, he’s made waves this past year; releasing powerful originals as well as incredibly unique remixes that rework the bass music game.

TYNAN is altering bass music as we know it with his dark, eerie sound that’s bound to end up in everyone’s sets in the coming years. Drawing inspiration from artists like Fall of Troy and Tera Melos, TYNAN crushes crowds with rowdy tunes that are bound to keep everyone going. Even now, his tunes are being dropped by some of the hottest names in the business. At HARD SUMMER 2017, Party Favor dropped his “Git Luw” remix.

This remix clearly shows his killer production skills and creativity, yet there’s a plethora of others that do as well. For instance, his remix of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers is undoubtedly the most original remix of the track out there. Take a look:

TYNAN even took it upon himself to make an insane remix of one of the hottest tunes this festival season, “Mask Off” by Future.

The real heat comes from his originals, however. TYNAN has been releasing sinister tracks that rival those who excel in making bass heavy tunes. Never Say Die Records, a basshead favorite, recently noticed his talent. His Interloper EP was released through their label on August 14th.

Even prior to his premiere on the label, TYNAN has been making some of the most disturbing and enthralling tracks. Listen to his ludicrous original, “Four Horsemen.”

Imbuing absolutely bonkers samples alongside his otherworldly sound, TYNAN is a force to be reckoned with. We highly recommend you don’t sleep on him, as he’ll be invading bass stages near you soon.

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