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EDM.com Spotlight

Rising Producer Warden Shares 'Ascension' EP [LISTEN]

Austin Kane aka Warden is a LA based producer with his musical inspirations leaning towards Techno and Dubstep, with he himself stating that his music is somewhere in between those two genres. With having releases on some of the biggest labels and networks including Buygore, Trapstyle, Type 91 (AIA) and Fool's Gold Records, the upcoming act seems strong. He has released some EPs in the past on TSG/AIIMe label and now he is back with yet another EP called Ascension, which is released on the same mentioned label.

This is a 4 track EP, with each tracks having a certain vision and vibe that is totally different from what you’ll usually hear in the same space. Check out the EP below:

Starting off with the first song from the EP which is named as "91." The song starts off with the old school techno stabs and evolves into a trap banger but still holds the key elements intact throughout. This sure is a really consistent track with roller coaster of vibes. Coming to the second track "Disappear." This one is a really interesting track that starts off with a Dubstep style beat mixed with a vocal sample that gradually leads the listener to a trap style drop mixed with different FM synths and crazy punchy drums and percussions. Coming to the third track from the EP named as "Los Angeles." Real crazy track that starts off with a trap beat and turns into a huge bouncy banger. The arps in the breakdown and the ongoing beat makes the track interesting and will keep the listener involved. Now coming to the last track named as "Want You Back," the arrangement and flow is very similar to the first track but the last touch of Dubstep gives the track a really nice finishing touch.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a solid package and we can’t wait for what Warden has in store for us in the future. Follow him on his socials to stay updated with his project and future endeavours.