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Disciple Records Launches Riddim Sub Label and SKisM is PISSED

Yesterday, Disciple Records, owned by Dodge & Fuski, anounced that they would be launhing their sub label for riddim, Round Table, with the help of new signee 12th Planet.

Look familiar? Well if you’re a fan of Never Say Die and their sub label Black Label it probably looks REALLY familiar. Shortly after the announcement by Disciple, Never Say Die’s head honcho SKisM spoke out in what has to have been some of the most savage DJ on DJ twitter beef.

Why all the beef? Well apparently SKisM gave the Disciple guys the money and a bunch of other tools to help get Disciple going and gave them one condition: stay in your lane. Well with the Round Table marketing looking really similar to Black Label, SKisM’s ready to swerve.

SKisM made sure not to pull any punches from Myro and Dodge and Fuski, while clearly stating that he has nothing but respect for the likes of Barely Alive, Virtual Riot, Oolacile, Dubloadz etc.

Disciple admitted in a Facebook post that they did indeed receive their startup funding from SKisM and has said that the Round Table release promos were NOT a marketing ploy targeted at Black Label. At this time Disciple is in talks with SKisM about the matter but has said that it’s a conversation that will stay behind doors. As it should. Us as fans have the power to turn this situation around. NO record label exists without listeners. It’s our job to be objective and focus solely on the music. Twitter beef aside that’s what all this is about, and unless you’re one of the guys caught up in this, all that’s really left for us to do is sit back, relax, and prepare for all the proper bass music that is sure to come from both labels in the coming future.