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How Traveling the World Can Impact Your Music Career

The fact that we can be productive from almost anywhere in the world is absolutely extraordinary. For example, right now, I'm writing this sat on a beach in southern Australia using my phone as a portable hotspot. You can accomplish literally anything you set your mind to... if you're willing to put in the work. 

When I ask people what they would do if money was no object, 99% of them want to travel. They want to explore the world, meet people from new cultures, and experience opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to do. 

And so as 2018 has just begun, I'm going to talk about how you can use travel to make a positive impact on your music career...

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It's time for some practical advice. And so let's create an example in which you're a music producer, and want to travel around the world...

Document your journey

Documenting and filming your adventures can be the first step towards gaining an audience on social media. After all, people "follow" somebody because they like their content. Take a photo of that sunrise in Nevada, or a rainforest in Costa Rica. Document your journey, and use it as a basis for your social media content. 

Use your own music

It's crazy to think how many people overlook this idea. If you're filming a road trip, or just a daily vlog, why not use your own music that you produce to enhance your content? It'll make the video much more interesting... especially if there's not much talking going on.


In this hypothetical scenario of a producer traveling the world, let's say that you're heading to Sydney for a few days. Go onto Instagram, and find the content curators of the most popular posts in that city. Hit them up, and ask if they'd be interested in working together. This may be in the form of them using your music, and therefore tagging your profile (giving you exposure), or something else. Regardless, networking on your travels is a great way to meet new people from different industries. 


Got a really nice video of the Sydney Opera House with your music in the background? Okay great. There's loads of Instagram and Facebook accounts that showcase the best content in a certain location. The idea is that they upload your content to their profile, and in return they'll tag you in the post. Message travel curation accounts offering them use of your content. If they say yes, then it can double up as a great platform to distribute both your music and photography/videography skills.


Engage with the local community on social networks. Literally, you can go to Facebook (or another platform), and find people talking about the area that you're in. Offer advice and engage with that conversation. Create communities around the world of people that love your travel content, and are therefore exposed to your music.

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It's a long road... I know that. You (probably) won't amass 100,000 followers overnight. But as the internet is constantly expanding, we are able to use creative ways of branding to encourage buying behaviors in your audience that lead to more Spotify streams of your song. 

I'll give you a real life example. Michelin, a tire company, started writing restaurant reviews of venues in rural locations across Europe. Why? So people would have to drive further, and therefore have to replace their tires more frequently. Think smart. How can you incorporate your passion into branding your career?

You want to play gigs in the US? Okay cool. Go and get a job at a dance music blog, and get in contact with the venues you want to play at and ask if you can go down to the location and do a review of the club. Generate relationships with 50-100 venues around the country so that in the future, you can use them as contacts for when you want do a show in that city.

Right now, go and achieve your dreams. Nobody is stopping you. Not your parents, not your professors, not anyon. You're in control of your own actions. Work hard.