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EDM.com Spotlight

The Las Vegas Strip Gets First Ever Tech-House Residencies With Jamie Jones and Solomun

Step aside, Calvin Harris.  New DJ's are coming into Vegas for 2018.

Every producer and DJ has their set of goals.  Those goals usually include getting tracks signed to a big label, playing festivals and nowadays, getting a residency in Las Vegas.  In what has become a standard in the industry, most performers take their talents to Vegas to have a residency at one of the local hotels. 

 Everybody from Zedd to Tiesto regularly visits sin city to partake in these activities.  While most DJ's that get these opportunities are mainstream acts, things are starting to change.

 DJ's from other sub-genres of dance music are finding their way to residencies.  Well known hotel, the Wynn has announced that Tech House DJ's Jamie Jones, Alex Cordova and Solomun will have residencies of their own at their club (XS) in 2018.  While none of them have the same recognition as The Chainsmokers, all three have been gaining popularity as great live acts over the years and are well deserving of this opportunity. 

Personally, I think this is a great sign of the genre's growth.  While Tech House is a sub-genre that's gaining popularity in the US, it hasn't been the most profitable style to sell to mainstream venues. Seeing a major player like the Wynn invest in three well known DJ's from that style is a sign that Dance Music is not only growing in popularity, but its fanbase is diversifying its tastes like we've never seen before.  

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of this development? Will you go to one of their shows?

H/T: Resident Advisor