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Apparently at Holy Ship! It's Highly Frowned Upon to Have Sex With Pizza

It's no secret that the crowd at Holy Ship! know how to have a good time.

The notoriously rowdy partiers, who have coined themselves Ship Fam, are known for their sunrise to sunset party habits when they set sail each January for the dance-music friendly Holy Ship! cruise. Although rave culture is all about letting your freak flag fly, it seems as though the staff at Norwegian Cruise Lines have a hard line stance when it comes to fornicating with food.

Yup, food.

Although we can all appreciate a good pizza party, according to a PSA posted by Norwegian Cruise Line staff, the party stops when someone tries to have sex with th pizza.

I swear, we're not making this up. Read the PSA below:

Holy Ship! set sail 10.0 set sail on January 6th and docks on January 10th. The 11.0 edition takes off for a second round of fun from January 11th-13th.

**Editor's note: The notice from Norwegian Cruise Line was intended as a practical joke and not a reprimand directed at misbehaving fans.

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Cover photo courtesy of Holy Ship!