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EDM.com Spotlight

So Bernie Sanders didn't actually release a campaign ad where he recreated Drake's Hotline Bling dance moves. But the fact that so many fell for the fake ad shows just how cool people think Bernie is. And he does want to end the federal prohibition of weed.


Before Bernie, I would never have believed that a 74-year-old senator from Vermont could become an icon among the millennial generation... but he has. His charisma goes against everything traditional media and politics tell us matters: he's blunt, grumpy, and gives not a single fuck what anyone thinks of his looks. Yet for the generation that has grown up believing that all politicians are power hungry liars who will say anything to get elected, Bernie's unrehearsed authenticity is charming, and he's gained a certain air of off-beat hipness that modern rock-stars should envy. And of course the ever growing list of DJs, Musicians, and Hollywood stars that endorse him have only added to his cool factor.

However, it would be unfair to interpret his popularity among the youth as simply the result of his quirky personal charisma and list of celebrity endorsements. Millennials are drawn to his relentless focus on income inequality, because we are the first America generation that is facing drastically worse economic prospects than our parents. And he has the courage to call out the corrupting influence of money on the political process - the very thing that has destroyed this generation's faith in politicians and government. The question of Americans being willing to embrace a "Socialist" is nearly irrelevant for the younger generation - we have google at our fingertips anytime, anywhere, and can easily research the difference between the European style democratic socialism that Bernie advocates and the authoritarian Socialism/Communism that our parents feared so much.

And now Bernie has come out in support of ending the federal prohibition of marijuana, by introducing a bill that would do just that. This is a great example of both sides of Bernie's appeal: it's an undeniably cool position that will resonate with millennials on a social and cultural level, but it's also a smart, compassionate, pragmatic policy supported by a mountain of evidence.

Check out the Hotline Bling video from The Ellen Show. It's fake, but still funny:

If you want to learn more about Bernie's campaign, head over to his website:


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