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Rave For Bernie followed up with Chicago natives Krewella this week after learning of extremely disturbing instances of election fraud in their hometown. The state of Illinois requires 5% of all voting machines to be audited after an election, the results were extremely alarming revealing indisputable fraud as you’ll see in the video below.


We showed this evidence to the Krew sisters and, after getting over the initial feeling of total helplessness that comes from knowing our democracy has been stolen and no one’s doing anything about it, we decided to make this post and encourage all of you to join the American Civil Liberties Union and report this incident to acluofillinois@aclu-il.org. You can join by making a donation of any amount and emailing them the above video and demanding the Illinois Election Board be held accountable.

Says Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella, "It’s disturbing to know that rigging these elections is not only normal but accepted by the people in charge of running them. If we continue to let this happen and turn a blind eye, we are basically welcoming the idea that democracy does not exist in this country, no one’s vote even matters and the 'rights' we have are just perceived. Share the knowledge you receive at whatever length you are capable of because spreading the truth is the only line of defense we have against those determined to take our right to choose away."

Well said – below is the full transcript of our interview with Yasmine and Jahan about why they support Bernie Sanders from our SXSW Rave For Bernie roundup. If you feel passionate about fighting for our democracy, please share this information anywhere you can and join the ACLU.

Molly: We’re Rave for Bernie and we’re here with Yasmine from Krewella! Yaz – who are you endorsing for President in 2016?

Yaz: Bernie Sanders all the way. I feel the Bern, I feel it hard.

Molly: Deep in your soul?

Yaz: Deep in my soul.

Molly: What about you, Jahan?

Jahan: This man right here looking over my shoulder, Bernie Sanders. ( gestures to gigantic Rave For Bernie totem in the background)

Molly: If you were going to describe Bernie Sanders in one word, what would it be?

Jahan: Authentic. I feel like Bernie is very true to his word.

Yaz: I must say 2 words, because both of them came to my mind at the same time. Relentless, because he will not give up and I love that about him. And vibrant, because even though he might be the oldest candidate right now in the mix, he has the most gusto out of all of them.

Molly: And if you were going to take Bernie Sanders on a date, where would you take him? What would y’all do?

Yaz: I would wake up really early, because I feel like he’s a morning guy – I don’t know why. Are you a morning guy, Bernie? We’ll find out on our date. I would take him on a donut date to one of my favorite spots in LA – donuts and coffee.

Jahan: I would probably invite him over for a family dinner. I’ve always looked up to my parents and the questions they ask about politics and, our father being Pakistani, I think he would have a lot to say about race still being an issue in this country and the way minorities are treated. I feel like the way someone interacts with another person’s family says a lot about how they act on a larger scale.

Molly: Bernie, you’re meeting the parents on the first date – no pressure!

Jahan: We cut right to the chase.

Molly: And last question, what do you say to people who feel like their vote doesn’t count and they shouldn’t bother?

Yaz: Coming from someone who actually used to feel that way, because I did used to feel that way, I think that the younger population – I’m 24 – tend to feel like our words go nowhere, they go into the abyss. But the truth is every vote counts, 1 becomes 100 becomes 1000. If you really believe in Bernie then you really need to vote because if you don’t, that means 10 or 100 or 1000 other people aren’t going to because they feel the same way. One thing sparks another, it’s the domino effect.

Jahan: I would say that’s mainly the youth we’re talking about the youth are the future of this country. There are baby steps to change - every person counts, every word counts, every tweet counts, every conversation you have about it matters. I think the youth tend to feel a bit jaded, and I’ve felt like this too, we feel like a tiny little particle of dust in this world that won’t affect change. There are other candidates who I’m very afraid of and I don’t ever want to see this country in a situation where many of us are directly feeling the evilness of hatred. Let’s not let that happen.

AGREED. Thank you Krewella for your support! Please join the ACLU to fight election fraud, report this incident in Chicago here acluofillinois@aclu-il.org, and find out how to Rave For Bernie at BernieSanders.com.

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