EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Unsure if you're registered to vote? Fear not, we've put together some links to help you out. Regardless of what state you're in, you can get registered here and use that link to find your state's voter resource website to find out if you're already registered. Deadlines for registration to vote in the general election are available here.

If you've never voted before and the whole process seems really confusing, we're right there with you. Below is a handy chart showing how the Presidential electoral process works, and here's a link to more explanation on the subject.

The bottom line is this - we must make our voices heard every way we can, most importantly by getting out to the polls to vote. If you don't feel like waiting in line on election day because, let's be real, we get enough of waiting in line at shows, order your ballot by mail when you register and vote early.

This Presidential election is unlike any other in history - the most popular candidates on both the Democratic and Republican sides are considered "fringe" and challenging so-called "Establishment politics." The dance music community in our country is so large and powerful, we could decide this election if we wanted to. It doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you get out there and make your voice heard, but here at EDM.com we're raving for Bernie.

Learn more: BernieSanders.com

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