EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

With three Republican debates and the first Democratic debate behind us, celebrities and musicians are using social media to voice their opinions on the 2016 presidential race. In an effort to take a break from Donald Trump memes and remixes, we're shining a spotlight on artists that are speaking out on who they deem the most promising presidential candidate.

There seems to be a clear leader in the eyes of several artists across dance music and hip hop as Vermont senator and democratic candidate Bernie Sanders continues to captivate with his no-frill presidential campaign prioritizing income and wealth equality, debt-free college tuition, living wages and climate change, not to mention his bullshit-cutting cry to "get big money out of politics." Here are 10 producers and rappers that are #FeelingTheBern.


1. Diplo

2. Bassnectar

3. GRiZ

4. ill.Gates

5. ill-esha

6. Lil B

7. Yung Skeeter

8. Big Boi

9. Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship)

10. Killer Mike (Run the Jewels)

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