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EDM.com Spotlight

Following his loss of the New York State Democratic primary last night and reported chaos at polling stations, Bernie is calling for election law reform. Only voters registered as Democrats or Republicans are allowed to vote in the Presidential primary, those registered as Independents are not. A lawsuit has been filed by dozens of New York voters that are registered Democrats whose status was mysteriously changed to Independent without their knowledge or consent and were thus unable to vote.

"I am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in New York State and I really hope that process will change in the future," Senator Sanders said following Secretary Clinton's victory. "Almost 30% of the eligible voters, some 3 million New Yorkers were unable to vote today because they had registered at Independents, not Democrats or Republicans, and that makes no sense to me at all."

Meanwhile, as the rest of the country rings in 420 with Washington D.C. and four other states having legalized recreational marijuana use, weed continues to be a Schedule I substance in New York State without a medical prescription (no dispensaries have opened yet for medical marijuana patients). New York City's Mayor and Police Commissioner announced last year that arrests would no longer be made for those possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana, yet the law remains the same.

"In 2014, the latest statistics that I have seen suggest there were 620,000 arrests for marijuana possession. That is one arrest every minute. Arrests for marijuana last year rose nationwide even as Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Washington and the District of Columbia became the first states to legalize personal use of marijuana, " said Bernie at a rally in Norfolk, VA last year. "Right now the federal government lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which means it's considered to be as dangerous as heroin. That is absurd. In my view the time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana."

Let's Bern one down for that!

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