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The '80s Guy

The ‘80s Guy: YouTube curator, synthwave expert, time traveler. The man behind the videos is a man from the past, compelled to leave his timeline in the 1980s to find the most exciting evolutions of synthesizer music.

His journey has led him here, to the future.

After closely analyzing patterns of cultural nostalgia, The ‘80s Guy correctly predicted a revival of his own era in the 2010s. Making the jump forward was easy: he simply purchased Doc Brown’s DeLorean from a Pennysaver ad, spent a few months repairing and rebuilding the flux capacitor, packed his Walkman, and headed for the year 2015. Once The ‘80s Guy arrived, his first order of business was to establish a YouTube channel.

By sharing the best retro synth music from prominent artists and newcomers alike, The ‘80s Guy developed one of the most popular channels dedicated to synthwave and related styles, accumulating tens of millions of views in the process. In 2019, The ‘80s Guy partnered with FiXT Neon, and together they expanded the channel’s reach and began providing synth fans with more diverse and exciting video content than ever before.

But that was only the beginning. Now, jump into the DeLorean with The ‘80s Guy, put your seat back, and enjoy the ride as you blast off into the retro-future.