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There's so much more to drum & bass than, well, drums and bass. Austrian drum & bass heavyweights Camo & Krooked proved just that yesterday with the release of an awe-inspiring orchestral rendition of their anthem, "Atlas."

Performed alongside legendary conductor and composer Christian Kolonovits and the Max Steiner Orchestra at the premiere of the Red Bull Symphonic in Vienna, Austria, "Atlas" stunned attendees with intense and emotive sound. A full 80-piece orchestra lent their skill to the epic track, creating an extraordinary, nearly cinematic atmosphere that was impossible for attendees not to skank to. 

But "Atlas" was just a small part of the entire event, which was recorded and will be released as a full-length, live Camo & Krooked album. 

Red Bull Symphonic's groundbreaking marriage of drum & bass with classical music and performance is another instance of the famed lifestyle brand's mission to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Teaming Kolonovits up with Camo & Krooked cultivated a myriad of impressive and creative ideas, and the anticipation for the full-length live album is now boiling over. The album will not be released until May 7th, but pre-orders for Red Bull Symphonic: Camo & Krooked can be placed at here

A full-length documentary feature on the creation of the Red Bull Symphonic event with Camo & Krooked, Christian Kolonovits, and the Max Steiner Orchestra was also released, and can be viewed at here.


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