At his recent "Road Rave" drive-in concert in Chandler, Arizona, Carnage kicked things off by paying tribute to George Floyd, who recently died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

Calling for a collective moment of silence along with the show's supporting artists, who joined him on stage, Carnage addressed the crowd at the onset. "Black lives matter, and we need to come together and do this for all the people across the [expletive] country," he declared in front of hundreds of ravers in their vehicles, who blinked their hazard lights in support.

Speaking to TMZ about the show, Carnage waxed poetic about his tribute and what it meant to the Black Lives Matter movement. "First thing I did before I even started my set, I brought out some of the artists. I brought out Valentino Khan and 4B and I did a moment of silence for George Floyd," Carnage told TMZ.

"I couldn't just start off and do my set like everything was all good, you know? I had to come out and show support, and me being a minority, I can't just put it to the side. I have to take action."