Since Dada Life's final stop of their 10 Years in Dada Land tour was cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19, the renowned Swedish electro house duo are throwing their hat into the livestreaming ring.

Dada Life took to Twitter yesterday to announce a "virtual house party," which will go down this Saturday, May 9th via Zoom.

In a new twist on the virtual music livestreaming craze in the electronic music world, Dada Life will be closing the party off to the public after 500 people join. They will be posting the link to the Zoom session here immediately before it starts, so fans will be able to join based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Fans of Dada Life, whose immensely popular electro house tunes have permeated the festival circuit for years, know that the duo bring more to their performances than just music. Combining raw energy with quirky, highly interactive live tactics, the guys have been throwing unforgettable concert experiences for their banana-costumed fans over the course of the last decade.

Back in 2013, Dada Life broke the Guinness World Record for "largest pillow fight" by inducing a feather-flailing riot in Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, where 3,813 riotous revelers wailed on each other with pillows. With tomorrow's livestream, they promised "the biggest online pillow fight ever," so hopefully Guinness is on standby.

You can tune into Dada Life's livestream event tomorrow at 12PM PST (3PM ET, 8PM BST, 9PM CET) here.