EDC is around the corner and what better way to prepare you than to give you a rundown of this festivals most outrageous sights! This carnival, 2 decades old, has cultivated the most wondrous people and attractions every year. This electronic dance event is so big, there’s no way you’re going to see everything! However, we have created our top ridiculous eye catchers you can’t overlook!

Furry Boots

If someone said EDC pioneered the furry boots, I would believe it. These fluffy feet will be roaming throughout the festival. These are definitely one of the most iconic EDC looks!

Matching Couples

Couples that rave together stay together. (I hope) Keep an eye out for those couples who go all out to make it known they are in love under the electric sky.


Arm Candy

No, we aren’t talking about your boyfriend. Look out for those rave places decked out in some PLUR bracelets. The amount of candy people have is quite impressive!


Yep. Babies aren’t the only ones who use them. Look out for the festival-goers rocking the baby style. It’s a look you won’t find anywhere else!

Light Show

No, not the stage, but the random dude sitting at the back of the crowd with light up gloves. Surprisingly, it’s pretty tight. Swing over to GloFX to get some for yourself!

Those Choppers

Transportation to EDC can definitely be a struggle, but, if you’re a bougie artist, you will simply fly over everyone in a helicopter. While you’re at the festival, look up in the sky for those choppers. Diplo could be in there!

The Kinetic Field

Last but not least, the colossal Kinetic field. Every time I attend EDC, this stage marvels me as if it’s the first time I’ve seen it. EDC’s stages are the most grandiose spectacles of any festival, making every sight unforgettable.

With that being said, this is an experience of a lifetime folks, don’t miss out!


A photo from the 2019 edition of EDC Las Vegas courtesy of Insomniac.

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A photo of fireworks going off above EDC Las Vegas courtesy of Insomniac photographer Jake West.

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A photo of fireworks going off above EDC Las Vegas courtesy of Insomniac photographer Jake West.

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