As the fate of EDC Las Vegas hinges on a robust safety plan submitted to Nevada officials, details of the proposal paint a vivid picture of a mid-pandemic major music festival.

According to the plan, which was submitted to the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Insomniac CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella estimated about 200,000 attendees would enter the festival over its planned May 21st to 23rd run. Local Fox affiliate station KVVU reports that EDC organizers will require face coverings and instate a "health pass" to ensure negative COVID-19 testing or vaccination.

Organizers are also considering the deployment of COVID-19 scent detection canines, pending the results of ongoing studies of their effectiveness. If deemed effective, Insomniac is planning to post the dogs at the entrances of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to search attendees.

"If a canine alerts to a patron, the patron will be escorted to an isolation area where a second canine will search them," the proposal reads. "If both canines alert to the patron, a medical team member will administer a COVID-19 test on-site. If the patron tests positive, they will be required to leave the site and either (i) return home for quarantine or (ii) go to a predetermined quarantine location if the attendee has traveled from out of town."

The safety plan submitted to Nevada state officials includes mandatory face coverings and COVID-19 scent detection canines.

The safety plan submitted to Nevada state officials includes mandatory face coverings and COVID-19 scent detection canines.

The proposal also notes that EDC Las Vegas is a "non-seated outdoor event" and "will not rely on social distancing as its method for health safety." Such a measure will be predicated on each attendee or staff member either being fully vaccinated or testing tested negative for COVID-19, according to the proposal. The plan also says staff will provide a festival-branded face covering to those without PPE (personal protective equipment).

At the time of this article's publication, the safety plan has not yet been approved by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. Spokesperson Teri Williams noted that the festival's promoters, Insomniac and Live Nation, have not yet submitted a revised proposal. If the plan is ultimately rejected, EDC Las Vegas will move to October 2021.

You can view the full safety proposal here.




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